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5 clear signs you need custom software in your business

March 4th, 2020

With so much software on offer to help you run your business, sometimes just choosing one can feel overwhelming. And just because a software package comes highly recommended for businesses like yours, doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your business. 

Here are 5 sure signs that it’s time to invest in some custom software

1. You’re starting to really hate the software you are using

I mean really hate. It’s the things that it can’t do, or won’t do that are driving you up the wall and keeping you awake at night. Or if you have a list in your head of things you wish it would and could do. Well with custom software that is exactly what you get. Problems eliminated and your wishlist complete. 

2. You’re running your business out of spreadsheets

And you are terrified something will happen to them. One wrong formula, or a deleted cell and they all come crashing down. Not to mention the hours wasted spent fixing it. With custom software all that disappears. Custom software can turn that spreadsheet into anything you want it to be. A visual dashboard, an automated upload, a sales results newsletter distributed to your team at 2.59 am on a Thursday. Literally anything is possible. 

3. You’re drowning in paperwork

Are you or your staff wasting precious time entering data into computers from pieces of paper or from emails? Are you performing repetitive tasks over and over again? Custom software can automate pretty much anything in your business. Without any errors. 

4. You’re worried competitors are more efficient

How many times have you said to yourself “there HAS to be a better way of doing this”. Well that’s because there is. And your competitors might already be doing it. Custom software can help you grow your business in a way that is scalable to help you streamline your business processes and workflows, rather than them getting in the way of your growth.

5. You’re losing visibility of your customers

Maybe you used to know all your customers by name, and now all those names are sitting in a piece of accounting software, that won’t let you send anything other than an invoice.  Sure, you could buy an off the shelf CRM system, but it won’t be able to combine all sources of information into one central place to give you a complete customer view. Like who are your most profitable or valuable customers, or which customers have you made a loss on averaged over the last 5 years. Custom software can give you the ability to see all of the information you have about your customers all in one place, in the way that you need it. 

So while investing in custom software might be more expensive than an off the shelf solution, it really is the best investment you can make in your business to ensure your business runs as efficiently and profitably as possible. 

To see how we have helped businesses with custom software solutions, take a look at our case studies.


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