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Content Marketing Made Easy with FREE Airtable


Content is king! 

How many times have you heard this? The marketing team at Neorise believes in this because good, valuable and engaging content that is relevant and helps our clients is important. 

It is part of our commitment to empowering small to medium businesses with the right magic software or good tech to make running a business more effective, productive and enjoyable. 

One thing that we often hear from our clients in regards to content is – we have so many platforms to send and post on, and multiple people working on it, and something we like, see and save in random spots – how do we streamline it all so that content marketing is not a challenge?

That’s where we recommend Airtable


What is Airtable?

Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organise anything, in this case, content.

The fields in an Airtable table are similar to cells in a spreadsheet, but have types such as ‘checkbox’, ‘phone number’, and ‘drop-down list’, and can reference file attachments like images. 

Users can create a database, set up column types, add records, link tables to one another, collaborate, sort records and publish views to external websites.

So if you like spreadsheets (and we do as well at Neorise) but you need it to set up and send reminders, collaborate together in, view it in various ways like Kanban or calendar view, Airtable is the answer for you.

The BEST part yet is that the FREE version of Airtable gives you so much functionality that you and your team can just stick to this pricing tier and get the best out of it. 


Favourite features of Airtable 

We have a few of our favourite features of Airtable which helps us with our content marketing and scheduling:

Linking between tables

To avoid the need to form a single large table when there is related data in multiple tables, Airtables provides an option to link records of different tables. Airtable allows linking existing tables of related records, creating a new linked table and also multiple links between existing tables.


Airtable allows multiple users to work simultaneously on the same Base allowing more productivity at the workplace. A new collaborator is added by clicking share button found at top of Base and providing the email ID of the collaborator. The owner can set the permission level of collaborator while sharing the Base. There are three permission levels in Airtable Base, namely “Creator”, “Edit Only” and “Read Only”.

Airtable Forms

Forms could be used to collect data from others like co-workers, customers or the public. A Form can be easily created from an existing Base, and the data collected by the Form is automatically organized in the Airtable Base. Airtable allows users to organise the required fields in the Form. A separate link is created for every Airtable Form. This link can be shared with others to get the required data. An Airtable Form can also be embedded in a website, to get the feedback from the website users.

Airtable integration

Airtable’s API can be used to connect to other web services by which information can be exchanged between external web applications and Airtable. Using the Zapier platform, Airtable can connect to over 450 applications and websites. Changes can be set up as triggers for actions in connected applications.

Airtable mobile app 

Airtable is available as a mobile app from the Apple App Store and Google Play. This means you can work on Airtable, anywhere, anytime. 

Get the perfect view

Kanban, grid, calendar or gallery views are available in Airtable, at a click of a button so everyone in your team can choose how they would prefer to see their tasks and content schedules. 

Get Airtable today, FREE!


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