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Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?

January 8th, 2020
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With the Google Play store home to over 3.5 millions apps, and the Apple App Store hosting over 2.2 million (according to Statista’s 2018 figures), it might seem that your business should also have a mobile app. 

The temptation to develop a mobile app for your business can be big. A mobile app allows your business to directly communicate with your customers through in-app purchases, ads and promotions. 

A mobile app that can gain you traction with customers can obviously be a significant way to boost your business brand and sales. 

Wherever you look, software development companies are offering mobile app development as a business solution. 

However, we at Neorise believe in creating solutions for real problems. Our point of view on developing mobile apps centres around “will it be a benefit for the user?” 

Because if we are to ask users to install an app, there would have to be a very good reason, such as, you can’t offer the services or experience on your website. If you don’t have a very good reason then it probably is not a good idea to go down the route of spending valuable resources on developing, marketing and maintaining a mobile app. 

If you’re thinking about developing a mobile app for your business, here are six questions we think you should ask first and have clear answers for. 



  • Why does your business need a mobile app?


Mobile apps offer clear marketing, sales and customer engagement benefits – but only if you create them with a purpose. So we advise you to ask the hard question: “why do you need a mobile app?” “what are the goals you want to achieve by having an app for your business?” 


  • How do your users and customers find your business? 


Is your website already generating a lot of interest and leads for your business? Or is it through word of mouth mainly or some other form of discovery? If there are existing methods to find your business and it is working well, do you really need to have a mobile app? 


  • Is your website optimised for mobile?


Responsive web design can greatly improve user experience on mobile devices, so before you go down the mobile app route, we suggest optimising your website for mobile experience and seeing whether that meets your initial app goals. 


  • Do your competitors have apps?


If they do, then have a look at the statistics on their app downloads and user reviews to see how the app is being received by their customers. 


  • Will your app offer solutions or value add to your customers?


This question is tied in with the first query on “why do you need a mobile app?” If your app doesn’t offer any extra functionalities that your mobile optimised website provide then why would they want to download your app? We would say that you need a “wow” offering with your app to get people to download them. For example, a bank app that allows you to transfer funds from one account to another anywhere, anytime is a pretty good reason. 


  • Do you have ongoing resources to create and manage mobile apps?


The resources associated with a mobile app doesn’t stop with just the build cost. Like any software, there will be bugs and also the need to continually comply with Google Play and Apple App store’ requirements. Which means there’s ongoing maintenance costs involved in delivering quality mobile apps. 

As you can see, there is a lot to think about before deciding whether a mobile app is the right way to go for your business. Simply building an app because it is the trend is not a good enough business reason. 

Instead, we suggest focusing on delivering tangible benefits to your customers and understanding what they need or want to engage better with your business. 

If that turns out to be a demand for a mobile app, then we’d love to help you build a high quality app for your business. 

Get in touch and one of our analysts or software developers will help you fully understand what’s next. 


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