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How to engage your customers & add value with Exploding Topics

March 20th, 2020
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Customer engagement and experience are important for a business overall success. 

After all, that old age saying that “customer is king” still rings true today. Without customers, our products, service offerings and business won’t survive.

What’s the difference between the two? 

Customer experience (also known as CX) is how customers perceive their interactions with your company. The first half of the definition focuses on perception, where the experience is positive, useful, and enjoyable. The second half focuses on the exchange, the two-way interaction with the brand. For customer experience to be great, every interaction along the customer must be exceptional. 

Customer engagement differs from customer experience. Customer engagement is the ongoing, value-driven, emotional relationship between the customer and the business. This includes direct, indirect, offline and online interactions, as well as the actions that customers might take – posting, emailing, tweeting, liking, recommending, buying and so on. 

Highly engaged customers buy more and are advocates of your brand,. They refer friends, colleagues, family members, they write positive reviews and are more loyal. 


So how can we use technology to drive customer engagement for our business?

Let us introduce you to Exploding Topics.

It is a FREE (yes you read right… zero charge, zilch!) online platform that scours the internet automatically for you, to find exploding trends that your business and customers are interested in, before they take off. 

You can then turn those exploding trends insights into:

  • Business advice blogs to prepare your customers for the future; 
  • Webinars or information sessions for your customers and other target audience; 
  • Q&A sessions via webinars or face to face; 
  • Inviting experts in the trending topics as speakers for customer engagement events.

How does Exploding Topics work?

The Exploding Topics website explains easily step by step how to use their platform. 

Here’s our explainer in five steps:

  1. Subscribe to the Exploding Topics weekly newsletter.
  2. Exploding Topics then uses their technology to analyse millions of searches, conversations and mentions across the internet.
  3. Their technology sorts through the searches for “trending” or “exploding” topics before they take off.
  4. The online platform curates the best topics from the list of topics.
  5. You get an email with the best trending topics weekly. 


Try Exploding Topics today

Try Exploding Topics, free and with no obligations today. 

Register your email for their weekly trending topics and content. 


Stay ahead 

Access magic tech for your business use, delivered to your inbox every few weeks. 



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