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Inside AI Powered Mobile Apps

April 15th, 2020
AI powered apps

Does your business use mobile apps as part of your marketing, engagement and product/service delivery?

With over 50% of internet traffic accessed via mobile globally (this figure is expected to continually increase), having your business accessible via mobile for your customers and audience is something to consider. 

The good news for businesses with mobile apps is that technology continues to support innovation in this field. 

Artificial Intelligence – AI – is a giant trend in the business world. Many features of AI can be integrated into mobile apps and improve user experience. 


Advantages of AI in mobile apps for businesses

AI is already being used by businesses around the world to help manage their daily activities and engagement with customers. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Speech / voice recognition: adding speech / voice recognition in your mobile apps can assist with giving customers an easier and faster way to get the information and service they need. The best example of this is of course Siri and Google Assistant. How often have you been driving and need Siri to get you to call the office or home to let them know you’re on the way without breaking any traffic rules?

Image recognition: image recognition allows users to detect and classify entities within images. If your business is in events, and you are holding a professional event that requires on the day registration, image recognition could be an easy and fast way to register people on the day. You can also use this technology for image identification.

Personalisation: AI can gather valuable information (with the right privacy information disclosed of course) about your clients’ or customers’ tastes or preferences so that your app can recommend things for, say, faster check out of purchases. AI will also be able to assist with predicting information that your customers want as part of the service you provide. For example, if you’re delivering regular items, AI in your app can send notifications when the items might be low and when to order to avoid not having any. 

Chatbots: so you can hate them or love them, but chatbots are around and as AI gets more sophisticated, we think they will stay put. Read more about our thoughts on chatbots. From a customer experience perspective, a well deployed chatbot can give you more time to focus on other aspects of your business while “someone” else answers commonly asked customer queries. 

Productivity: This benefit of AI in mobile apps is probably more for your own business. AI can help you do things faster. For example, Google’s Smart Reply on G Suite auto generate replies for faster email returns. Or Shopify offers Kit – an AI that helps you with scheduling the right posts, in the most desirable times for your social ads. 

Interested in integrating AI in your mobile apps or in your business systems to improve customer experience and productivity? 

We at Neorise would love to be able to help with that. We’re always keen on new technology and a challenge always excites us.

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