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Move that paper to digital and cut out double-handling

November 4th, 2020

Are there paper-based tasks in your business that look like they are full of double-handling? Do you look at them and think there must be a better way? Research has shown that businesses can spend up to 80% of their time just collecting, monitoring, analysing and reporting on data.  That’s a lot of time on repetitive tasks you’re paying for. 

The secret to making real efficiencies is called Streamlined Workflow.  A workflow is a sequence of tasks. The path of those tasks is predictable and repetitive.  For example, filling out a timesheet.  If this is happening using paper forms, in addition to double-handling, these are some of the frustrations you might be experiencing:

  • Errors
  • Staff frustration (the person filling in and the data entry person)
  • Slow
  • Data not on hand real-time 

We recently transformed a daily job sheet from 15 pages to a streamlined app delivering time savings to front line staff and data entry admin.  But also the following business benefits:

  • Improved staff engagement – because it’s frustrating for the people filling out highly repetitive forms 
  • Lower errors 
  • Real-time data
  • More accurate and timely payroll calculations
  • Automated recall of business-critical OH&S information
  • Real-time access to work/jobs and updates sent back to database
  • Automated job completion notification advice to clients
  • Data for business-critical reporting relating to a specific job, asset or employee

Move from paper to digital and increase your productivity and profitability.   It’s Time for Change.  Custom software can optimise your business performance. 

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