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Note Taking & Writing Ideas Just Got Better with Rocketbook

March 10th, 2020

We’re scribblers here at Neorise. Especially the marketing team, who still go to meetings with at least pen and paper. Because they love taking notes.

What we don’t love is then transferring those notes into an online version to be shared, edited, updated.

As you can tell, double handling is not something we believe in here at Neorise. 

The good thing is, technology is on our side with clever inventions like the Rocketbook


What is Rocketbook?

Rocketbook is essentially a cloud notebook. 

You write it on normally and then, using a scanning app provided by Rocketbook, you can then save your notes to the cloud or email it directly from the page. 

This of course saves you time to not double handle your notes or ideas on paper to online format. More time for us is always a win-win so that we can focus on doing what we love best. 

Starting from $29.95, the Rocketbook can be purchased online. 


How does it actually work?

Rocketbook explains in 4 easy steps how it works to save you time. 

Essentially, all you need to do is:

    1. Put pen to paper – do whatever you normally do in your notebook – take notes, solve an equation, scribble an idea, solve an equation, draw a solution.
    2. Choose a destination – at the bottom of your Rocketbook are symbols to map to your favourite online location – Google Drive, One Note, Outlook, Dropbox, Slack. Mark a symbol to ensure that your page will reach your desired destination. 
    3. Scan your pages – grab your phone, open the Rocketbook App and scan the pages you want to capture. 
    4. Blast your notes to the cloud – once your notes have reached its destination, you can print it, edit it, share it, save it and more!

Try out Rocketbook

To try our Rocketbook, simply head to their online store today. 


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