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Legacy System Transformation with a Custom Software Solution

Neorise worked with Easifleet to re-invent its operating platform with a purpose built fleet management system delivering staff efficiencies through data automation.

Easifleet is a novated leasing and fleet management company, with offices around Australia. 

Easifleet had been working with a legacy fleet management system, built on an operating system (DATAFLEX) that was no longer being supported. That meant that Easifleet was working with a non-flexible system that did not allow for updates or additional features.

The system was also originally built to specifically provide fleet management services – reporting, invoicing, quoting, recording of data such as fuel and odometer readings – to the Western Australian Government. Whilst Easifleet’s system catered for this major client, it could not meet the demands of a growing base of corporate clients, who have diversified and different needs.

Some of the major problems Easifleet faced with their legacy system included:

  • Inability to produce ad-hoc reports requested by clients independently
    Easifleet’s legacy system was so complex that they relied on external software developers to create the reports that clients requested. Of course this meant more time required to produce the report (viewed as poor service by clients) and often, exorbitant costs to get external resources to produce the reports in a short timeline.
  • Lack of accuracy in the legacy system
    Easifleet was working with a management system that also had few “checks and balances” (i.e. data checking and procedures built in to reduce mistakes). This was a serious business risk issue for Easifleet.
  • Not user friendly
    Easifleet’s legacy system was extremely complicated to navigate. This cost the company considerable human and time resources and funds for staff training, manual data validation and error correction.
  • Little or no chance to improve with new features
    Easifleet was unable to upgrade and add new features to make their fleet management system more user friendly. This prevented them from adopting new technologies that could improve customer relations, efficiency and productivity such as – mobile app interface, barcoding and document management.

Realising the high business risk and implications of their legacy system, Easifleet’s General Manager asked Neorise to help them build a new, modern and user-friendly system.

As per our software development process, we used the following steps:

  1. We firstly examined Easifleet’s legacy system and interviewed team members in terms of its deliverables and challenges, and then identified opportunities that can take the business, as a whole, forward by using the latest technology.
  2. Our analysis discovered that there was a strong demand for a system that incorporated multiple wizards (automated processes to send data to multiple programs) for various tasks and built-in data checking. This would enhance user input, minimise errors and reduce dependency on external resourcing.
  3. Using the information gathered from the analysis process above, we then presented Steve and the team with a number of solutions – all of which had important details such as time frames, costs, pros and cons.

Business Check Up

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“Neorise’s approach in engaging staff in the redevelopment of our Fleet Management System was refreshing.”

“They spoke in easy to understand terms – breaking down complex technical terms into everyday language.”

“They also thoroughly researched every process of our legacy management system so that they could offer solutions that not only met our current needs but could also provide support for future business growth.”  

Client Feedback

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Neorise developed a new Fleet Management System, based on their key business, customer and personnel needs.

  • System processes should be wizard-driven
  • High user input/ feedback into the planning processes
  • Checks and balances introduced, where applicable
  • Communicates in real-time with the financial system
  • Flexible platform, easy to modify with new requirements 
  • Simple database structure to enable quick ad hoc reporting by key staff
  • High level of security at both process / screen / data field level
  • Real-time, customised web-based reporting
  • Built on high-performance modern tech languages and platforms
  • Can be easily extended in the future 

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“The redesigned Fleet Management System that Neorise built helped Easifleet to streamline many processes, whilst at time empowering staff to minimise errors through new and necessary ‘checks and balances,’” Easifleet General Manager.

The new system also resulted in the following business and customer satisfaction benefits for Easifleet:

  • Wizard system Increased consistency, accuracy and productivity
    A “wizard” approach to the new system meant that key data or steps in the process to use the system could not be skipped. This helped Easifleet staff to minimise errors and increase consistency and accuracy in their reporting. For staff and customers, the “wizard” approach to create re-packaging of leases became so much easier, faster and more professional with included charts and graphs. The new system reduced the time taken to re-package an existing lease from 30 minutes to only 4 minutes.  This means Easifleet are much more responsive to their customer’s needs as they can track their expenses better and update their lease payments so that there is no final ‘bill’ shock.
  • Integration with financial systems to save time and money
    The new system eliminated the need to enter information twice, in two different systems as it is now fully integrated, in real time with MYOB. This resulted in not only time savings for Easifleet staff responsible for financial data entry, but the ability to run reports in one place. Accounts Payable and Reconciliation in the new system was also enhanced with dedicated screens to ensure that only valid payments were processed. This error catching feature saved the company thousands of dollars each month in transactions not fully charged to customers and/or government departments.
  • Going the extra mile for customers
    The “wizard” driven system allowed staff to accurately analyse – using charts, graphs and other measurement tools – when excessive maintenance requests or authorities were being made by clients and when they were at risk of going over-budget. These control measures helped to more accurately control costs and lease expenditures for clients, giving them peace of mind that Easifleet are looking out for their best interest.
  • Reduce errors in admin based tasks
    Uploading fuel transactions and recording odometer readings is an error-prone task. Checking this data every month was a huge burden and a thankless task for the Easifleet team. Built-in error checking in the new Fleet Management System meant that it was possible to flag about 65% of this data automatically, reducing the administrative burden of this task significantly.
  • Improved reporting to clients
    The reporting was enhanced to enable quick ad-hoc reports to be created and run by staff which meant they could run the business much more efficiently and always have the correct up-to-date information at hand. But even more importantly, they now had flexible web based reporting tools that allowed clients to login and create their own reports. This gave them live information and was greatly appreciated and valued by all clients.

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A new, custom built fleet management system for Easifleet

Streamlining business processes, integrating multiple systems, improving real-time reporting, whilst empowering staff to minimise errors with custom software.


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