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We worked with the team at Wembley Autocare to analyse their business barriers before developing a custom built software for better productivity, higher profits & superior customer service.

Wembley Autocare is one of Western Australia’s longest running (25 years +) and trusted car servicing companies.

Over the last 5 years, Wembley Autocare have serviced and cared for over 36,000 vehicles.

Wembley Autocare had been using off the shelf workshop software to manage their client relationships, jobs, invoices, and inventory.

The software was an old DOS (Disk Operating System)-based system, which meant it was a text-only system and difficult to use and had clear disadvantages such as:

  • No multitasking was supported, i.e. you cannot create an invoice and add customer contact details whilst talking on the phone at the same time
  • No inventory management tool on stock levels
  • Inability to “communicate” with customers such as sending out reminders
  • No automated template for professional job cards or invoices

Wembley Autocare found that their DOS-based system was highly inflexible, limiting the business’ ability to further improve customer service and scale their business in a cost effective manner.


Wembley Autocare engaged Neorise to rebuild the entire workshop management software.

They knew they wanted and needed to work with a team who could truly understand and sympathise with their software challenges and impediments for both business survival and growth.

So, this is what our team of analysts and software developers did, step by step:

  1. Our business analysts visited Wembley Autocare and listened to the problems the team were facing
  2. Once we understood the challenges on the floor, we asked a lot of questions about how the DOS-based system worked
  3. Then we asked the team to show us how they work, what they do day by day as part of their normal routine when running the workshop.

Business Analysis

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At this point, our analysts came to the same conclusion that the owner and her team came to – no existing off the shelf package could do everything that Wembley Autocare needed. So our solution was to build a custom workshop management system.

Custom Software

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The first version of Wembley Autocare’s purpose-built workshop system was ready in two months. To date, the system includes the following features:

  • Automated reporting and data look-ups
  • Automated text messaging, email reminders/communications to our customers 
  • Ability to reconcile the majority of scanned receipts with expenses in accounts 
  • An inventory system that allows for stocktake and connected to online ordering systems 
  • Other best-practice features from different industries which are applicable to Wembley Autocare’s needs. 

Time saving was the most obvious benefit that the Wembley Autocare team gained from their new custom built workshop system. 

“We were saving time in the office from day 1 and that was time we could now spend looking after customers. For example, ordering the correct parts for a car now can be done within 20 seconds. Before, we could spend up to 5 minutes on the phone – (usually on hold). Five minutes for up to 50 parts a day, that was 4 hours already saved.” 

Other positive business results that Wembley Autocare experienced included:

  • Easy online service booking, anywhere, anytime (including via mobile) – prior to the new system, customers had to book their service over the phone.
  • Increased workshop productivity – a template version that can be printed and tailored for every job, helping to guarantee the quality of every service. 
  • Bigger and better profit margins – Wembley Autocare’s profitability tripled on the previous year, when they were running the old DOS-based system.

“We had no idea how good our workshop software would turn out to be. Every other workshop owner who has seen it has marvelled at how easy it is to use. And some of the features that Neorise have developed for us – I have no idea how they have done it. I didn’t even think some of those things were possible. But I am glad they did.”  Owner and General Manager 

“We love our workshop software – it has taken so much stress out of running our business.” 

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Our custom software solution for Wembley Autocare includes vital dashboards.

Wembley Autocare can now visualise their real-time performance with powerful dashboards enabling them to make informed decisions that impact business performance.


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