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Receipt & invoice scanning just got easier with time saving technology

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Bookkeeping and accounting takes a considerable chunk of our business time. 

And yet it is a super important aspect of maintaining a financially viable business. 

Accurate receipt recording is also a good way to not get into a panic when tax time comes and your accountant asks you all the paperwork required to lodge your business tax. We’ve been there, done that and a whole day can be wasted to get all this important information across. 

If you are a bookkeeper or own a finance business, we can also see how this can be a stressful time managing your clients’ receipts. 

The good news is that accurate receipt recording and keeping has never been easier with good technology solutions. 

There are two today that we ourselves use and can recommend to save you valuable time, money, resources, and more importantly, sanity! 

Let’s find out more about Receipt Bank and High Speed Scanner. 


Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is an app that helps clients stay up to date with one tap. All you need to do is snap the receipt and Receipt Bank will extract all the data. 

Then you just need to review and publish to your accounting software. 

Receipt Bank integrates with popular accounting systems such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Workflow Max. 

Some of the best features of Receipt Bank that we love, include:

  • Accurate data extraction – Receipt Bank automated receipt scanning recognises data with the highest accuracy of any cloud bookkeeping app;
  • No more lost receiptsenjoy instant data capture with the app’s receipt scanner, email or invoice fetch.
  • GST supportReceipt Bank reads the exact GST off receipts and invoices, saving you more time.
  • Bookkeeping reminders – you can set regular reminders to your phone or email to stay on top of your expenses.
  • Easy integration – with some of the world’s best accounting software (as mentioned above) 

As you can imagine, these features of Receipt Bank helps us to save time to focus on what matters most. 

If you are an accounting business, you will love the efficiency and productivity that Receipt Bank brings – from offering more competitive services, having a more well defined process to encourage confidence in your brand and of course, getting more clients.

Get Receipt Bank!


High speed scanner

If you are scanning large amounts of paper and receipts, then we can recommend getting a high speed scanner. Starting at about $400, you can process 50 pages at a time, quickly and automatically. 

If that is not time and resource saving, we won’t know what is!


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