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February 17th, 2020

Save time by sending your files securely in one click with Filemail

Technology has changed the way we work. 

With the right technology we can do things better, faster and more securely. What that means for our business is time and money savings, giving us the opportunity to do other, more important things. 

One such technology is File Mail. 


What is Filemail?

File Mail is a file transfer online platform that allows you to send big files (unlimited file size) securely. If you’ve heard or or used WeTransfer and Dropbox,  File Mail works similarly.

No more sending multiple emails to send all your files, or saving it onto a USB and posting it in the mail. 

Now you can send all the files you want at the click of a button. 

Here’s what you can do with Filemail:

Securely transfer files 

Filemail gives you the most secure file sending service with data encryption, 2-factor authentication and virus scanning. 

Keep a track on your files 

Easily keep track of sent and received files so you know who, when and where your files get downloaded. 

Send it faster

Filemail has its own transfer protocol which means the platform offers fast transfer speeds. 

Download files in any way you like

You can download sent files through any web browser, FTP, torrent, Filemail Desktop or an app on your phone. 

Add Filemail to your website 

Make it easier for customers and clients to receive large files directly on your website. You can add one line of HTML (that Filemail provides) on your website and it’s all set up.

Make it your own
To make sure your customer gets the same brand experience, you can upload your own logo, background images and change the colour scheme of buttons and other visual elements when you add Filemail to your website. 


The business benefits of Filemail

At Neorise, we use Filemail for our business. The benefits we see include:

  • Time savings
    With Filemail we don’t have to fiddle around with sending a few emails to the same person to make sure we don’t max our file sending limits.
  • Increased customer experience
    Filemail’s high security levels means that we know our files are getting to our clients and customers safely, giving them peace of mind as well. Plus the fact you can add it on your website makes it a more seamless experience for customers.
  • Saves money
    Filemail has a FREE account that allows you to send up to 50GB of file size with antivirus protection. That’s a money saving we’re enjoying.
  • Business productivity
    Filemail integrates well with a lot of popular business apps including Outlook, Android, Apple products and more. This means we can access it easily using our existing chosen apps, reducing admin time to switch between applications. 


Get Filemail today 

As mentioned, Filemail has a FREE account option that allows you to send up to 50GB size file at any one time, complete with antivirus protection and 7 days of file availability for the other person to download. 

Check it out today and enjoy the time, money and productivity benefits it can bring to your business. 


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February 15th, 2020

What is a CRM & How can it help your business?

We’ve been talking about telltale signs that your business might need a CRM – Customer Relationship Management – to increase customer satisfaction and create a more effective, productive way of delivering services. 

Let’s take a step back today and find out more about what CRM is and how it can help your business have more time to focus on the important things and also grow in terms of sales and profit.


What is CRM? 

To put it simply, CRM is a program or piece of software technology that helps manage your relationships with your customers. 

If you run a business where you rely on customers’ satisfaction and purchases to maintain profits and grow, then a CRM is probably something that you need to look at when you’re ready or showing one of these telltale signs. 


What does CRM actually do? 

A good CRM stores all your customers’ details in an organised, user friendly database that everyone has access to. 

More importantly, CRM helps your business manage communications, engagement and touch points with a customer at any key points. 

Here are some of our favourite CRM capabilities for our business:


  • Organise your customer data in one spot 


One of the most ‘basic’ things that a CRM does is centralise customer data – such as contact details, communication/engagement history, and information such as what they’ve purchased, how they found your business –  in one place that is accessible by everyone in your business. Better yet all this data can be segmented so that you can find the information you want faster and more accurately. For example, if you want to send a special offer to customers who have spent $100 with your business, you can create, find, download and email to a ready list. 


  • Help you develop and stick to a sales process


A good CRM can integrate all your sales systems and help build a sales process that identifies what is stalling a lead or a purchase so you can fix the issue, send you reminders when it is a good time to get in touch with a customer, predict sales outcomes and deliver a better sales experience for customers. A well recorded sales process also makes it faster for new team members to be onboarded. 


  • Increase customer satisfaction 


Imagine being able to personalise your engagement with customers because you have noted  their interests and behaviours at every interaction. Now that’s great customer service. A good CRM can help you anticipate your customer’s needs before they reach out to you, send you reminders when you have to call back or complete a request for a customer, and solve their problems as soon as they arise. 


  • Make your marketing more efficient and targeted


Using your customers provided data on their preferences and interests, you can make sure that the marketing / communications that you provide them is what they want to hear or know about. For example, if your customers indicate they only want to receive sales details, your marketing team can make sure they only get sales information. Or, if text messages is their preferred way for communications, you won’t call them or email them.


  • Make informed decisions 


A CRM allows you to download customised reports that will provide you important information such as which product or service is sold more or in which area and for what demographic? With this information, your business can decide on where to focus your marketing so that it is more effective or which product or service to put more resources on to meet the increased demand. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a CRM for your business. 

Want to find out more about CRMs and how it can help your business achieve better customer service, solve data management issues and increase profits? 

Get in touch and we can help you with making the best decision when it comes to all things CRM. 

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February 11th, 2020

Up your business productivity with

How often have you gone to business meetings with a customer or potential new client, taken heaps of notes and follow up actions to find, after the meeting, your writing or typed up notes is pretty ineligible or you missed some key points?

Or when you’re asked to fill out interview questions for marketing purposes but you’re better at talking things through than writing it all down? 

So then you spend time trawling through your notes to create a report or respond to hand over to the sales team or other team members for follow up. 

Does this sound like double handling?

Would you just like to concentrate on conversations you are having and have it recorded accurately so you can easily access it later on? 

Well here’s where technology comes in to help up your business productivity by saving time and being more accurate. 

Let us introduce you to


What is is a software that allows you to record and review your conversations in real time. It will then send you the “recording” in written text (PDF, Doc versions) or as an audio file that you can search, play, edit, organise and share from any device. 

Here are some of the functionalities of that we love using:

  • Record: record conversations using Otter on your phone or web browser.
  • Live transcribe: get real-time streaming transcripts and, within minutes, rich, searchable notes with text, audio, images, speaker ID and key phrases.
  • Share: share or export voice notes to inform others and get on the same page. You can also create groups to invite collaborators and keep organised. 

You can also check Otter’s other advanced features, easily explained and laid out in their Quick Start Guide. 


Benefits of using Otter for businesses

Since using Otter at Neorise, our marketing and sales team certainly have been more productive and focused. 

Here are some of the real benefits we have experienced:

  • Money and time savings
    Because Otter transcribe audio instantly, we now just record our meetings and business conversations. The transcript we receive is accurate and you can capture and find what you need, fast!

    You can also jump from a summary keyword to see all instances in a note, or search across everything. Speed up the playback or skip silence to skim through a long recording.

    As you can imagine, this saves us time and time savings = money savings.

  • Syncs well with your other devices
    There’s so much great technology out there but we’re also in danger of using them all and getting lost in it. The good thing about Otter is that it “plays well” with so many other software we already use. We can share and view the recording on our Apple or Android devices. We can sync it with Zoom. We can download the transcript in Word Doc or PDF for easy copy and paste.

    You can also save files directly to Dropbox and connect Otter with your Google calendars, emails and files.

    One click and it’s all saved within some integral systems you’re using. Easy, and of course saves time so you can concentrate on the bigger tasks.


How do you get

Like many great tech we have discussed – Zoom, File Mail, Exploding Topics – Otter offers a tiered subscription package. 

And, like many tech we’ve talked about that saves us time, money and increase our work productivity, Otter offers a FREE starter pack (transcribes up to 600 minutes per month) that’s enough to get you started. 


Stay ahead 

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Receipt & invoice scanning just got easier with time saving technology

Bookkeeping and accounting takes a considerable chunk of our business time. 

And yet it is a super important aspect of maintaining a financially viable business. 

Accurate receipt recording is also a good way to not get into a panic when tax time comes and your accountant asks you all the paperwork required to lodge your business tax. We’ve been there, done that and a whole day can be wasted to get all this important information across. 

If you are a bookkeeper or own a finance business, we can also see how this can be a stressful time managing your clients’ receipts. 

The good news is that accurate receipt recording and keeping has never been easier with good technology solutions. 

There are two today that we ourselves use and can recommend to save you valuable time, money, resources, and more importantly, sanity! 

Let’s find out more about Receipt Bank and High Speed Scanner. 


Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is an app that helps clients stay up to date with one tap. All you need to do is snap the receipt and Receipt Bank will extract all the data. 

Then you just need to review and publish to your accounting software. 

Receipt Bank integrates with popular accounting systems such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Workflow Max. 

Some of the best features of Receipt Bank that we love, include:

  • Accurate data extraction – Receipt Bank automated receipt scanning recognises data with the highest accuracy of any cloud bookkeeping app;
  • No more lost receiptsenjoy instant data capture with the app’s receipt scanner, email or invoice fetch.
  • GST supportReceipt Bank reads the exact GST off receipts and invoices, saving you more time.
  • Bookkeeping reminders – you can set regular reminders to your phone or email to stay on top of your expenses.
  • Easy integration – with some of the world’s best accounting software (as mentioned above) 

As you can imagine, these features of Receipt Bank helps us to save time to focus on what matters most. 

If you are an accounting business, you will love the efficiency and productivity that Receipt Bank brings – from offering more competitive services, having a more well defined process to encourage confidence in your brand and of course, getting more clients.

Get Receipt Bank!


High speed scanner

If you are scanning large amounts of paper and receipts, then we can recommend getting a high speed scanner. Starting at about $400, you can process 50 pages at a time, quickly and automatically. 

If that is not time and resource saving, we won’t know what is!


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January 23rd, 2020

Top 5 Benefits Your Business Can Gain From Having a Dashboard

You might realise now that we at Neorise are big fans of dashboards for businesses. 

We’ve talked about how dashboards can help your business get important data in one place and analyse it to make informed decisions, stay competitive, improve communications and customer service and more.

We’ve also looked at the real benefits of a dashboard for an everyday, local business – Wembley Autocare. 

If you haven’t had a chance to read through our case study, we’ve summarised the top 5 benefits of having a business dashboard right here. 


  • You know how your business is doing at all times


How many business owners will be able to answer questions such as “how many sales did your last marketing campaign brings in?” or “which product or service brings in the most profit and you should spend more money on advertising/marketing?”  A dashboard with the right settings and data can tell you all of this information and more. Imagine the power of being able to know how and what is the best way to grow and benefit your business. 


  • You can identify areas of improvement and be motivated to get better results 


Imagine your business sales are doing really well, however, at the same time there is a decline in customer satisfaction that requires attention as it will affect sales in the future. A good business dashboard will have indicators and when you see “red” arrows or flags that things are not doing as well, you’d intuitively want to fix it right. Bob Parsons, the founder of GoDaddy, said it best when he said, “Measure everything of significance. Anything that is measured and watched, improves.” 


  • Get more time to do the things you love & stress less


We’ve all been there at one point: entering data from different areas into spreadsheets, creating pivot tables and then discovering you’ve entered the wrong data and having to re-check it again and again. Imagine how much time you can save with a dashboard that can “talk” to all your systems, collects accurate data automatically and then present it to you in an easy to read report? Imagine too how an extra three or five hours can benefit your business and your personal life. More time to spend time with family, train staff or get back to customer queries to make sales. Precious. 


  • Empower everyone in the business 


The benefit of having a dashboard is getting a report that tells you what is doing super well and what needs improvement or attention. This way everyone in your business can be empowered with the knowledge of how their work contributes to the overall success of the business. For example, if the records show that it is taking too long for queries to be answered, the customer service department can work to improve their processes or get more resources. Empowering your team members with such information can also motivate them to get better results. 


  • Increased productivity & profit 


Knowing areas for improvements, which services or products are selling better, what tasks are too much time and can be outsourced, and what is the best way to communicate with customers are powerful information that will allow you to make informed business decisions. When you make decisions based on facts and accurate data, you can see increased productivity which in turn gives you increased profit. 

We know that starting, operating, developing and growing a business is hard work. 

Let’s make it that little bit easier with the right dashboard that can empower your business with the right information to achieve goals, from more sales through to reducing costs without sacrificing productivity. 

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5 ways to save time, money & promote flexible work with Zoom

Have you heard of Zoom?

It is an easy to use communications software that allows you to conduct video conferencing, engaging online meeting, chats and mobile collaboration. 

We at Neorise love using Zoom, because it helps us to support a flexible working culture for our team members.

Zoom also connects us with clients anywhere just like you’re meeting them face to face, saving you travel time, parking fees and office costs. 

Plus it’s free version offer is amazing enough to just stay on if you’re tight on budget.

So, if your business is looking for some ways to save time, money and make your team happy, let’s check out how Zoom can do that.


Features of Zoom

There are many features of Zoom that you can use and the list keeps growing. Here are some of the functionalities that help our business be more productive and efficient:

  • Meetings: The “Meetings” service is designed for collaboration, training, and technical support. It features whiteboarding, screen sharing, HD video and audio, and remote screen control features
  • Video Webinar: For those who want to host a webinar online, the Zoom video webinar feature provides access for up to 100 interactive participants, with packages that allow for up to 100,000 view-only attendees. Sharing is simple with a single click, and there’s even dual-screen support
  • Zoom Rooms: Zoom Rooms are Zoom’s collaboration offering, intended for everything from huddle rooms, to executive offices, and conference rooms. You can include remote participants, use one-touch meeting start features, and enjoy interoperability with a host of legacy endpoints, including Cisco, Lifesize, and Polycom
  • Business IM: Companies can stay connected with text, image, and audio file delivery over instant messaging communications. You can build groups, set presence status, and search through content for the files you need

Now let’s see check out the top 5 ways that Zoom can actually improve your business. 

Reduce travel time and improve efficiency

Meetings can take up a big chunk of your available work time. Leaving on time, parking, then driving back to your office can take up 20 – 45minutes extra of your precious time. Imagine being able to click a link and have your meeting, seeing each other’s faces, talking and taking notes at the same time. Just like the real thing but without the added travel time or parking fees. 


Cost savings and convenience

Not only do you save time by using something like Zoom video conferencing but you also make money savings by not having to pay for parking fees, petrol or a taxi to get to your face to face meetings. The fact that Zoom’s free version gives you unlimited number of meetings and up to 100 participants at a time… now that’s more cost savings. 


Enhanced learning opportunities at lower costs

Sometimes training is done in bigger cities and you and your staff miss out on going because of the extra added travel and accommodation costs. Imagine being able to conduct training online via videoconferencing. Time, cost and resources savings for you, your team and the presenter. Win-win-win. 


Opens up your business to new markets

Want to expand your business across the nation or globally? One way to make contact or communications to establish that new market sale or work that’s cost and time effective is by using Zoom to conduct engaging videoconferencing. Remove the distance and location barrier to connect with more opportunities. 


Create a flexible workplace 

Flexible workplaces are on the rise. The ability to work from home to avoid long time travels or be on time for school drop offs and pick-ups are some of the things that employees are looking for in today’s workplace. Using Zoom to conduct planned meetings or impromptu chats via videoconferencing when needed helps promote flexible workplace. 

Try out Zoom today for FREE see the time, money savings, the workplace improvements and new business it can bring.


Stay ahead 

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password protect
January 19th, 2020

Keep all your passwords secure and easy to access with LastPass

Do you cringe the same way we do when we see scenes in a movie where someone writes their passwords on a post-it notes, easily taken by the bad guys to take over the world?

Now with great technology, this won’t happen anymore in a movie or within our own businesses. 

Let’s have a look at a great FREE resource to help you keep all your business (and personal) passwords and easily accessible with a software called LastPass.


What is last Lastpass?

LastPass is a freemium password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. 

Essentially your content in LastPass, including passwords and secure notes, is protected by one master password. 

LastPass also a form filler that automates password entering and form filling, supporting password generation, site sharing and site logging, and two-factor authentication. 

In short, once you’ve installed the LastPass app on your desktop or phone, whenever you create new passwords it will ask if you want to save those passwords in LastPass, all at a click of a button.

LastPass also offers a user-set password hint, for those times when you might forget your master password to access all your other passwords.


How does LastPass  work? 

  1. Get the LastPass password browser extension. Install the extension in your browser for saving & accessing your passwords.
  2. Make a strong master password. Create your account with one long, secure master password and let LastPass do the rest.
  3. Explore your LassPass password manager vault. This is where you can add, view and manage items that you’ve saved to LastPass. 


The LastPass benefits for your business

Here at Neorise we’ve been using LastPass for awhile now and because our philosophy is that “life is too short for bad software,” the fact we’ve been using LastPass for a while definitely means we love it!

Here are some of the benefits that our business enjoys by using LastPass:

Saves time

No need to look through spreadsheets, or check our phones or find the post-it with all the passwords to get into all the applications you need to get into. 

Better productivity 

Because we can easily share passwords via LastPass with our colleagues, whenever they’re not in or on holidays we don’t need to go into a panic and wait till they come back to do things. 

Saves money

The free version of LastPass is enough for a smaller business with affordable pricing tiers after that. Check it out. 

Peace of mind

There’s nothing worse than having your accounts hacked, which also will look pretty bad to your customers. With LastPass, we have peace of mind that our applications and systems are safe and secure. 


Stay ahead 

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video marketing apps
January 12th, 2020

Engage customers with easy to use FREE apps on your phones

The statistics on using videos for marketing is saying you should definitely use videos:

  1. Landing pages with a video see an 80 percent increase in conversion over landing pages with only text;
  2. Video marketing converts leads into customers so well because it established a higher level of engagement with your audience, contributing to higher brand trust and loyalty. 

The statistics might say one thing but trying to create videos in the past has a pretty big investment. 

However, with tech these days, anyone can create a great looking video to share on social channels, via email or on the website. 

Even better, you can even create the videos on your phones!

Let’s look at two FREE apps that can help you create videos on the fly, on your mobile devices. 


Quik – GoPro Video Editor 

Quik is available via the Apple App store for iPhones and iPads. This app lets you create awesome videos with just a few taps. 

Choose your favourite photos and video clips and then let Quik find great moments, add beautiful transitions and effects and syncs everything to the beat of the music. 

You can also customise your story with text and easily share it with friends. Editing and creating videos has never been this fast or easy. 

Here are some key features of Quik that you would want to know about:

  • Add up to 200 photos and video clips; 
  • Choose from 26 pre-existing and beautiful themes, each with transitions and graphics designed for any occasion;
  • Adjust font, filters, tint and colours to suit; 
  • Customise your video – trim, zoom, rotate videos and photos, add text overlays and emojis, speed up or play it in Slo-Mo and more;
  • Pick the perfect soundtrack from 100 free songs or use a song from your iTunes library (subject to iTunes); 
  • Save and share your video to your social channels, via text or email. 

Check and get Quik today!


Magisto – AI powered social video maker and editor 

Magisto is an online video editor with a web application as well as a mobile app for automated video editing and production aimed at consumers and businesses. Magisto employs Artificial Intelligence technology in order to make video editing fast and simple. 

How does it work?

  1. Upload your business videos and photos
  2. Choose a video editing style and soundtrack from Magisto’s library 
  3. Let Magisto’s AI powered professional video maker analyse and edit your video 

Magisto’s pricing plan starts at $4.99/month for an annual plan and goes up to $34.99/month for a year’s subscription. 

Check it out.

Here are just two easy video creation and editing options to make your business marketing competitive and engaging for your customers. 


Stay ahead 

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mobile apps
January 8th, 2020

Does Your Business Need A Mobile App?

With the Google Play store home to over 3.5 millions apps, and the Apple App Store hosting over 2.2 million (according to Statista’s 2018 figures), it might seem that your business should also have a mobile app. 

The temptation to develop a mobile app for your business can be big. A mobile app allows your business to directly communicate with your customers through in-app purchases, ads and promotions. 

A mobile app that can gain you traction with customers can obviously be a significant way to boost your business brand and sales. 

Wherever you look, software development companies are offering mobile app development as a business solution. 

However, we at Neorise believe in creating solutions for real problems. Our point of view on developing mobile apps centres around “will it be a benefit for the user?” 

Because if we are to ask users to install an app, there would have to be a very good reason, such as, you can’t offer the services or experience on your website. If you don’t have a very good reason then it probably is not a good idea to go down the route of spending valuable resources on developing, marketing and maintaining a mobile app. 

If you’re thinking about developing a mobile app for your business, here are six questions we think you should ask first and have clear answers for. 



  • Why does your business need a mobile app?


Mobile apps offer clear marketing, sales and customer engagement benefits – but only if you create them with a purpose. So we advise you to ask the hard question: “why do you need a mobile app?” “what are the goals you want to achieve by having an app for your business?” 


  • How do your users and customers find your business? 


Is your website already generating a lot of interest and leads for your business? Or is it through word of mouth mainly or some other form of discovery? If there are existing methods to find your business and it is working well, do you really need to have a mobile app? 


  • Is your website optimised for mobile?


Responsive web design can greatly improve user experience on mobile devices, so before you go down the mobile app route, we suggest optimising your website for mobile experience and seeing whether that meets your initial app goals. 


  • Do your competitors have apps?


If they do, then have a look at the statistics on their app downloads and user reviews to see how the app is being received by their customers. 


  • Will your app offer solutions or value add to your customers?


This question is tied in with the first query on “why do you need a mobile app?” If your app doesn’t offer any extra functionalities that your mobile optimised website provide then why would they want to download your app? We would say that you need a “wow” offering with your app to get people to download them. For example, a bank app that allows you to transfer funds from one account to another anywhere, anytime is a pretty good reason. 


  • Do you have ongoing resources to create and manage mobile apps?


The resources associated with a mobile app doesn’t stop with just the build cost. Like any software, there will be bugs and also the need to continually comply with Google Play and Apple App store’ requirements. Which means there’s ongoing maintenance costs involved in delivering quality mobile apps. 

As you can see, there is a lot to think about before deciding whether a mobile app is the right way to go for your business. Simply building an app because it is the trend is not a good enough business reason. 

Instead, we suggest focusing on delivering tangible benefits to your customers and understanding what they need or want to engage better with your business. 

If that turns out to be a demand for a mobile app, then we’d love to help you build a high quality app for your business. 

Get in touch and one of our analysts or software developers will help you fully understand what’s next. 

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