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Save time by sending your files securely in one click with Filemail

February 17th, 2020

Technology has changed the way we work. 

With the right technology we can do things better, faster and more securely. What that means for our business is time and money savings, giving us the opportunity to do other, more important things. 

One such technology is File Mail. 


What is Filemail?

File Mail is a file transfer online platform that allows you to send big files (unlimited file size) securely. If you’ve heard or or used WeTransfer and Dropbox,  File Mail works similarly.

No more sending multiple emails to send all your files, or saving it onto a USB and posting it in the mail. 

Now you can send all the files you want at the click of a button. 

Here’s what you can do with Filemail:

Securely transfer files 

Filemail gives you the most secure file sending service with data encryption, 2-factor authentication and virus scanning. 

Keep a track on your files 

Easily keep track of sent and received files so you know who, when and where your files get downloaded. 

Send it faster

Filemail has its own transfer protocol which means the platform offers fast transfer speeds. 

Download files in any way you like

You can download sent files through any web browser, FTP, torrent, Filemail Desktop or an app on your phone. 

Add Filemail to your website 

Make it easier for customers and clients to receive large files directly on your website. You can add one line of HTML (that Filemail provides) on your website and it’s all set up.

Make it your own
To make sure your customer gets the same brand experience, you can upload your own logo, background images and change the colour scheme of buttons and other visual elements when you add Filemail to your website. 


The business benefits of Filemail

At Neorise, we use Filemail for our business. The benefits we see include:

  • Time savings
    With Filemail we don’t have to fiddle around with sending a few emails to the same person to make sure we don’t max our file sending limits.
  • Increased customer experience
    Filemail’s high security levels means that we know our files are getting to our clients and customers safely, giving them peace of mind as well. Plus the fact you can add it on your website makes it a more seamless experience for customers.
  • Saves money
    Filemail has a FREE account that allows you to send up to 50GB of file size with antivirus protection. That’s a money saving we’re enjoying.
  • Business productivity
    Filemail integrates well with a lot of popular business apps including Outlook, Android, Apple products and more. This means we can access it easily using our existing chosen apps, reducing admin time to switch between applications. 


Get Filemail today 

As mentioned, Filemail has a FREE account option that allows you to send up to 50GB size file at any one time, complete with antivirus protection and 7 days of file availability for the other person to download. 

Check it out today and enjoy the time, money and productivity benefits it can bring to your business. 


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