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The rise of the Chatbots… does your business also need them?


Are chatbots worth re-allocating resources towards… are they a fad or worth investing in? We think the answer to this, as always, will depend on your business strategy, type, structure and needs. 

To help you think about chatbots for your business, we’ve created some initial questions. But before we go there, let’s find out a bit more about chatbots. 


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is software that can automate conversations and engage users through various messaging platforms. Chatbots do this by using artificial intelligence or pre-programmed responses to frequently asked questions. 

Some of the messaging platforms that utilise chatbots include:

  • Facebook Messenger – available for Facebook business pages, we’ve seen this utilised a lot and can be help automate answers to typically asked questions or let your customers know you will get back to them as soon as possible.

  • Chat windows on a website – these tend to pop up as you enter a website and appear as if you are instant messaging with a real person.

  • Text-based or app-based – there are many chatbots that provide you with information within specific mobile apps. Shopify for example has a chatbot that uses AI to help you create targeted Facebook ads by using integrated data and asking you relevant questions.

What are some of the benefits of chatbots for businesses?

The main obvious benefit of chatbots is the 24 hour service that it can provide to your business. 

In addition to that, chatbots can increase customer satisfaction through providing instant responses to simple questions and faster complaint resolution. As you can imagine, this will in turn provide you and your business with more time to focus on other important things. 

From a marketing and sales perspective, chatbots can perform marketing functions or provide lead generation when they’re set up correctly. 


What are the challenges with chatbots?

As with anything, there are some challenges with chatbots, some of the main ones being:

  • Ease of integration to utilise chatbots effectively it will have to be integrated correctly with your existing messaging systems, websites and other customer relationship management software.

  • Impersonal language our AI technology has not yet reached sophistication levels that users start to question “am I talking to a chatbot or a human?” Some of the complaints we see with chatbots is the use of misspelled words or bad grammar, which can cause doubt or lack of confidence from your users.

  • User adoptionas we mentioned at the beginning of this article, some people do get put off by chatbots and immediately click it off when they land on websites. Some see it as spam (much like those pop up ads) and would rather not waste their time to speak to someone who is not human. 


Does your business need a chatbot? 

Here at Neorise, we believe that every business has unique specific needs so our first advice is “don’t follow the fads.” If you’re thinking of chatbots because it’s a popular thing and everyone seems to be doing it at the moment, stop and ask yourself some of these initial questions:

  1. Is your business customer facing? 
  2. Does your business receive the same questions again and again from customers and spend too much time answering them?
  3. Does your business have existing communications channels and messaging in place that can integrate with a chatbot? 
  4. Is your target audience and existing customers technologically savvy? 
  5. Does your business have resources available to set up and monitor chatbots?

If you mainly answer “yes” to the questions above, then the next step would be to figure out which chatbot is best suited to your business. We at Neorise can help with the analysis, integration, implementation and support for chatbots for your business. 

If the “nays” have it, then we think you should look at solving your business problems with other solutions. Our analysts can help you with that too because they’re always eager to observe and advise strategically. 


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