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Up your business productivity with Otter.ai

February 11th, 2020

How often have you gone to business meetings with a customer or potential new client, taken heaps of notes and follow up actions to find, after the meeting, your writing or typed up notes is pretty ineligible or you missed some key points?

Or when you’re asked to fill out interview questions for marketing purposes but you’re better at talking things through than writing it all down? 

So then you spend time trawling through your notes to create a report or respond to hand over to the sales team or other team members for follow up. 

Does this sound like double handling?

Would you just like to concentrate on conversations you are having and have it recorded accurately so you can easily access it later on? 

Well here’s where technology comes in to help up your business productivity by saving time and being more accurate. 

Let us introduce you to Otter.ai.


What is Otter.ai?

Otter.ai is a software that allows you to record and review your conversations in real time. It will then send you the “recording” in written text (PDF, Doc versions) or as an audio file that you can search, play, edit, organise and share from any device. 

Here are some of the functionalities of Otter.ai that we love using:

  • Record: record conversations using Otter on your phone or web browser.
  • Live transcribe: get real-time streaming transcripts and, within minutes, rich, searchable notes with text, audio, images, speaker ID and key phrases.
  • Share: share or export voice notes to inform others and get on the same page. You can also create groups to invite collaborators and keep organised. 

You can also check Otter’s other advanced features, easily explained and laid out in their Quick Start Guide. 


Benefits of using Otter for businesses

Since using Otter at Neorise, our marketing and sales team certainly have been more productive and focused. 

Here are some of the real benefits we have experienced:

  • Money and time savings
    Because Otter transcribe audio instantly, we now just record our meetings and business conversations. The transcript we receive is accurate and you can capture and find what you need, fast!

    You can also jump from a summary keyword to see all instances in a note, or search across everything. Speed up the playback or skip silence to skim through a long recording.

    As you can imagine, this saves us time and time savings = money savings.

  • Syncs well with your other devices
    There’s so much great technology out there but we’re also in danger of using them all and getting lost in it. The good thing about Otter is that it “plays well” with so many other software we already use. We can share and view the recording on our Apple or Android devices. We can sync it with Zoom. We can download the transcript in Word Doc or PDF for easy copy and paste.

    You can also save files directly to Dropbox and connect Otter with your Google calendars, emails and files.

    One click and it’s all saved within some integral systems you’re using. Easy, and of course saves time so you can concentrate on the bigger tasks.


How do you get Otter.ai?

Like many great tech we have discussed – Zoom, File Mail, Exploding Topics – Otter offers a tiered subscription package. 

And, like many tech we’ve talked about that saves us time, money and increase our work productivity, Otter offers a FREE starter pack (transcribes up to 600 minutes per month) that’s enough to get you started. 


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